What to Wear

So, it’s time to figure out what to wear for your photos! I know it can seem like a daunting task to some, so hopefully these guidelines can be helpful for you! First of all, please know that you don’t have to have “perfect” outfits for your photos to turn out awesome – the bottom line is that these photos are about your love, not your outfits. This is just meant to be helpful if you’re stressed or worried about picking what to wear. The main goal is for you to look and feel like yourself, because the more comfortable you are in what you wear, the more comfortable you’ll feel (and look) in the photos, which means you’ll be able to just focus on having a blast with each other. I know it can be exciting to think about getting brand new clothes for your shoot, but I actually don’t recommend that (unless you totally love it and are sure you’ll be comfortable in it – don’t let me tell you what to do!). I suggest bringing clothes that you normally wear and feel like yourselves in. You’ll look back on the photos in 20 years and think “Yes, that was us”.

Here are a few guidelines

I recommend bringing more options than we actually need so we can pick and pull from them as we go. There are so many great reasons to have options! Maybe it’s windier than expected, so we want to pick something more flowy to catch the wind. Maybe we have a last-minute location change and we want to make sure we pick an outfit that compliments the environment. Maybe we decide we want to go for a different mood. No matter the reason, it never hurts to have options. Remember, we want to make sure the focus is on you and not on any distractions, which can sometimes be outfits.

HOWEVER – having options doesn’t mean bringing everything you own! Going through too many outfits will take too much time away from your session. Consider bringing about 3 or 4 pairs of bottoms and 4 or 5 tops each. You can also bring dresses, accessories, jackets, etc. Depending on where we are shooting, you might be changing in the back of the car. If we’re close to public restrooms we can totally run inside, but sometimes that’s not an option. So if you’re not cool with changing in the car, let me know so we can focus on picking one outfit that’s easy to change up with just layers and accessories.

Does it make sense?

Think about the conditions and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan around it. If it’s freezing cold outside, bring lots of layers and warm clothes with wool socks and boots. If it’s going to be hot, bring clothes that can breathe more so you’re not super sweaty. Be as comfortable as you can be! For my destination people: If we are going to be hiking around the mountains, bring shoes with good grip that you won’t twist your ankles in. If we are shooting on a sandy beach, it would look weird if you’re wearing shoes. PSA for all: heels are almost always a bad idea, unless you’re freakishly good at walking in them!


I love having lots of movement in photos, so make sure you wear something that you're able to sit, run, and goof around in! If you're in brand new jeans that are still stiff and tight, you might be uncomfortable and distracted during the shoot. I recommend bringing clothes that are "broken in" so that you'll be as comfortable as possible. I also love when people bring clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching wind. It adds such a cool energy!



I typically recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy tones. Neutral doesn't mean just grays and browns. There are neutrals of every color (mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc.). Just try to stay away from bright, fluorescent, distracting colors. The only specific colors I typically recommend to stay away from are pinks, bright oranges, and reds. If you have dark or olive toned skin it might be an exception with the light conditions, but a lot of the time it results in people looking really pink because of the way it reflects. So just try and stay away from those colors if you can, but if you really want to wear something that is pink, orange, or red, just check with me!



Try to avoid loud, crazy patterns. The smaller or more subtle, the better! If the pattern is too loud, it will distract from your faces. I usually try to avoid pairing too many patterns together because, you guessed it, it makes the photos feel a little hectic and distracting from your faces and the location. Also, be sure to iron your clothes before so there’s not huge wrinkles distracting from your faces either!

I love when people bring hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc because it's nice to pair them with different outfit options. Just avoid wearing watches so they don't distract from your faces when I'm getting close up shots!


You may cringe when you hear the word "props", but props don’t have to be cheesy! Props could be a dominos pizza picnic, a motorcycle, your pet, blankets, a truck/car, a campfire, a bouquet, a paddle board, etc. If you have props you wanna incorporate, let me know and we can make sure to incorporate them in a non-cheesy way!

In Home Sessions

All of the above guidelines apply, but for in home sessions you want to be even more comfy cozy! The more skin showing, the better – not in a sketchy way, but just because it’s easier to be comfy and intimate when you’re not wearing lots of heavy layers. I recommend bringing options of tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans to mix and match!

That’s all folks!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to let me know! If you’re still nervous about what to wear, feel free to shoot me a pic or two of what you’re thinking, or we can create a little Pinterest board together! But overall, just wear what you’re comfortable in and feel like you in. A pair of Vans you’ve had since 8th grade? Great. A sweater you wore for basically a month straight? Awesome. You do you, and I promise the photos will turn out amazing.